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Beanie Sigel Bringing His Voice Back To Music Through AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic since ChatGPT was released by its developers OpenAI. Even in the discussion halls of the Grammys, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), and the ongoing writers/actors strike, artificial intelligence has been under much scrutiny and well deserved debate.

Many of us heard the AI created songs in the voice and style of Jay-Z, as well as Kendrick Lamar. When they were first shared with the world, shock, stun, concern, and resentment towards AI were some of the feelings that followed.

Fast forward to the Grammys’ implementing stipulations surrounding collaborations incorporating the use of artificial intelligence and eligibility requirements for earning the coveted recognition and the welcoming of AI in music begins to unfold.

According to a report from Vibe, one of Philadelphia’s most celebrated and recognized emcees that emerged from the legendary label Roc-A-Fella Records, Beanie Sigel, comes forth with AI on deck and new music on the way!

If you’re familiar with the “Broad Street Bully” aka “Beanie Mac” most commonly known as Beanie Sigel, then you know why this is a big deal. “Beans”, as he is affectionately known, made waves in Hip-Hop with his certified gold album debut “The Truth” released on Roc-A-Fella Records in 2000. For “Beans” that was just the beginning.

He would go on to appear in films, record more music and musical collaborations, as well as head a clothing line State Property Clothing.

Back in December 2014, Sigel was involved in a shooting that caused him to lose a lung. Not only did he lose a lung from the shooting, he also lost his recording voice, which was the result of him damaging his vocal chords while independently removing his breathing tube after waking from a coma in the hospital. He detailed the events in an interview with Vlad TV: “My vocals being damaged came from when I was in a coma,” he said at the time. “So when I was coming out of it, I had a breathing tube down my throat. So when I first woke out the coma, I didn’t know where I was at

and I pulled the breathing tube out and so

it tore up sh*t in my throat.”

Though a tragedy at the time and an injury that could not be easily overcome, he continued to record new music with the likes of Pusha T, Meek Mill, Dave East, DJ Paul, and more, following his recovery, though the vocal trauma could still be heard on musical recordings created after the incident.

Sigel is now preparing to overcome the vocal injury and provide his loyal fanbase with what many have longed for ever since. In an interview with DJUTV, Sigel shared his perspective on AI and the motivation behind his use of it on his upcoming project. “New project coming soon.” — “I think I found a good friend with this AI thing,” he added. “A lot of people frown on AI, but I think that’s gonna work for me. … I’ve had a colorful life, so I’ve been through things that hindered my voice.”

— “It’s definitely for me.”

“I was talking to somebody and they told me how you program the AI—you run the vocals through this…” — “Y’all want, what they say, the ‘old Beans’ back? ‘Cause the pen’s still there. It’s just the voice. If y’all want that, I’ma shoot y’all something. So I’m gonna use AI on myself.”

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