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Binance USDT Trading Update

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Recently reported by Cointelegraph on June 7th, 2023, Binance.US had ceased trading on several crypto tokens and planned to cease advanced trading on a slew of USDT trading pairs on June 8th, 2023. This seemed to be Binance.US’ reaction to the SEC’s recent lawsuit filed against the company and its CEO Changpeng Zhao. Initially over 90 trading pairs were to be affected by the change, but Binance.US has responded to the community in support of what their customers want and will continue to allow the trading of the pairs formerly slated to cease.

An excerpt from Binance.US announcement page:

Update: Following community feedback, Binance.US will no longer remove any USDT Advanced Trading pairs. All cryptocurrencies and USDT pairs remain available to trade. Only select BTC and BUSD Advanced Trading pairs below will be removed.

After careful consideration, Binance.US will remove select BTC and BUSD Advanced Trading pairs on June 8, 2023 at 9 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT.

We have also decided to streamline our Buy, Sell & Convert offering and have paused our OTC Trading Portal. Your assets remain safe and secure with Binance.US, and deposits and withdrawals continue to function as normal.

  • Advanced Trading - Binance.US will remove the following BTC and BUSD Advanced Trading pairs.

Trading remains available for all cryptocurrencies. Only select trading pairs for Advanced Trade are impacted.

  • Buy, Sell & Convert - Binance.US will streamline its Buy, Sell & Convert offering and reduce the number of supported Convert trading pairs to 226. Buy, Sell & Convert remains available for the following assets: USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH, BTC, FET, ATOM, APT, MATIC, LTC, DOGE, SHIB, FTM, APE, SOL, LINK, ADA, DOT, GALA, and AVAX, with the addition of USD for Convert. The maximum order amount for Buy, Sell & Convert has been updated to $10,000.

  • OTC Trading Portal - Binance.US has paused its OTC Trading Portal services. In the upcoming weeks and months, Binance.US will notify you if and when OTC trading becomes available again.

Please note:

  • Only select assets and trading pairs for Advanced Trade and Buy, Sell & Convert are impacted. Deposits and withdrawals for all assets remain available, along with trade functionality.

  • We recommend that you carefully review your trades and execute or cancel open orders on impacted Advanced Trading pairs before they are removed from Binance.US.

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