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Cam’ron and Mase Sign Major Deal For Rising Podcast

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Cameron Giles (Cam’ron) and Mason Betha (Ma$e) have come a long way from the streets of Harlem where their music careers took form and flight.

If you look a little further back past their careers in Hip-Hop, you will find a history in sports, specifically basketball. Both played basketball for their high school alma mater the Manhattan Center Running Rams of East Harlem and even reached the championships. Their love of the game has come full circle, recalibrated their once strained friendship, and given them a multi-million dollar opportunity to share their perspective on sports and sports-related topics.

According to HotNewHipHop, Cam and Mase’s up-and-coming popular podcast, It Is What It Is is becoming a hot topic of conversation and is capturing the attention of some sizeable wallets. In the podcast’s first season, the likes of Stephen A. Smith, Ice Cube, Brandon Marshall, Andre Drummond, and many more made appearances to expound on the world of sports. The formula seemed to work and two stars were reborn.

Sports betting entity Underdog Fantasy has inked a lucrative new deal with Cam and Mase.

The deal extends for 18 months and will likely expand both the budget of the show and the span of available talent involved. While the show was always likely to garner a significant price tag, some reports of what it was signed for have been monumental.

Regardless of the specific contract details, Cam’ron and Mase have a noteworthy payday in the pipeline and fans have more than enough reasons to get hype for new episodes going forward.

The two have found a way to rebrand themselves and their friendship on their way to podcast greatness.

From a several-year-long fallout, to both releasing personally detailed diss tracks and publicly expressing their disdain for each other, to publicly making amends and remembering the friendship and love for sports that bonded them early on, Cam and Ma$e are back better than ever.

This time It Is What It Is and it's “nothin but net”. $$$

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