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Chris Brown: Owning His Masters Since 29 & The Correlation Btw Ownership & Generational Wealth

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

According to a report from AFROTECH, during a recent episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Chris Brown shared his formula success with host Shannon Sharpe. He credited a great sum of his success to having a circle of good people and professional acquaintances in his corner.

“I’ve been able to have a great team, you know,” Brown shared. “I’ve been through my ups and downs, I’ve failed a lot financially in the beginning, but now, it’s about just creating stuff that creates stuff that’s gonna be here for everybody. It doesn’t necessarily have to be titled around my actual name or brand. I just want to be able to have a legacy for my family outside of music… I want to be wealthy instead of rich.”

In a previous report from AFROTECH, during a 2015 interview, Brown shared that he was the owner of 14 Burger King franchises, but before acquiring these business accolades, his first order of business was acquiring a $1 million home for his mother off of the success achieved upon his entry into the music industry at age 15.

Brown is still very much "family first", especially now, being a father of three.

Brown expressed that some of his business decisions made early on would be of great value to his children and lineage.

At the age of 29, Brown made history as the youngest artist to obtain ownership of their masters, and states it will remain that way because it is a necessity for him to ensure that his babies are set up for success.

“I don’t think I would sell them,” he told Sharpe when asked if he plans to take the lead of other artists recently making headlines for selling their catalogs. “I might lease them out and stuff like that later (he laughed), but I don’t think I would because I feel like, as a Black artist, that’s what we’ve been wanting forever… to be able to get our masters.”

Brown went on further to state, “For me to be able to do that and be one of the first young cats to do it, it’s like I beat the game. But, I feel like I wouldn’t [sell my catalog] at this point because that’s something that my children’s children’s children can eat off of.”

With nearly 20 years and 10 studio albums since the birth of his music career, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Brown is worth an estimated $50 million, giving

light to the legacy he has created and is

seeking to protect.

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