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Ethereum Phone Takes Center Stage As Solana Phone Falls Back

According to a report from Crypto Briefing the ethOS phone, the first mobile device to support EVM-based chains and layer 2’s, has gotten mass attention in the Ethereum community after completely selling out within 24 hours during its pre-sale. This comes weeks after another web3 mobile phone, Solana’s Saga, cut its price by 40%.

The ethOS phone is an overhauled version of the Android-based Google Pixel 7a running on the Ethereum-native mobile operating system, ethOS. This phone runs a light Ethereum client, granting it the ability to verify blocks on its own and interact with Ethereum without depending on centralized infrastructure like Infura or Alchemy.

The ethOS phone comes with a built-in wallet and offers seamless compatibility with other wallets. Even though the Pixel 7a is not a hardware wallet itself, it has a particular security chip, known as a secure enclave, designed to safely store and encrypt private keys.

A total of 50 phones were available during the pre-sale. Buyers interested in the phone had to mint an ethOS NFT and burn it to claim their phone. Now, these NFTs are showing up on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, with some selling for 3 ETH, or approximately $5,000. For reference, a typical Google Pixel 7A sells for $499 in the United States.

While the ethOS phone seems to be experiencing early success, the Solana Saga phone’s sales haven’t fulfilled expectations. Since its April 2023 launch, only 2,120 units have been sold, according to a report from DailyCoin.

In an effort to promote sales, Solana Mobile dropped the price of the Saga phone from $1,000 to $599 earlier this month.

With the ethOS phone’s regular orders set to begin this fall and Solana Saga seeking to refresh its sales strategy, the competition in the mobile web3 space can be expected to heat up.

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