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Hip-Hop's Inevitable Intervention

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Hip-Hop is receiving attention from some well-known and well-respected voices lately, but the attention is not the kind you would probably expect.

According to a report from TMZ, despite Drake's new album being on course to going Gold in a week, several entities within the music industry don't believe this project is taking the genre in the right direction.

Juicy J

On Monday, both Juicy J and Wallo expressed their disdain for the current state of Hip-Hop from their respective positions -- the Three 6 Mafia artist took aim at Hip-Hop's plummeting stats while the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game co-host called for the industry-established to simply step up their music game.

According to the latest report he read, Juicy says Hip-Hop music sales are down 40% ... and it's up to artists, producers, composers and engineers alike to redirect the course.

Juicy thinks the industry-established need to hold a meeting-of-the-minds on the subject, because everyone's finances are in jeopardy. Remember, the genre went an entire year without a #1 Billboard hit!!!

Wallo's sentiment is that fans of the genre have outgrown the themes of murder, jewelry and money being the centerpiece of the music created.

He also denounced the superstar-collaboration-formula so commonly used to garner attention or sales, pointing out that the potency of that approach has faded and artists should count more on simply being good at their craft if they are interested in actual success.

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