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Maelstrom Fund Partnerships Bring Financial Education To Teenage Black & Indigenous POC

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

According to a story from AFROTECH, Our Wallet is making strides to educate teenage Black Indigenous People Of Color in the area of financial literacy.

Arthur Hayes

The program was developed by Maelstrom Fund, the family office of Arthur Hayes, in alliance with the Jackie Robinson Foundation and World of Money to offer education on financial literacy, crypto, blockchain technology, NFTs, and more, according to information provided to AFROTECH.

In December of 2022, the pilot program was first offered to 30 high school students centered in New York over a three-day period. This summer, thirteen middle school students had the opportunity to participate in the financial wellness program.

“Less than a quarter of high school students in the US have access to personal finance courses, which means that 75% will graduate in 2023 without the education they need to be financially literate,” said Hayes in a statement provided to AFROTECH.

“Our goal is to connect with youth at the fundamental ages of 13-18 and offer relatable and engaging personal finance programming that will serve them throughout adulthood. We want to empower the next generation to not just understand but make the most of their finances – with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our students are equipped to live their best lives.”

Our Wallet hosted multiple activities such as the Crypto Genius Bar, a hands-on workshop that empowers students with skills and knowledge to activate and secure their digital crypto wallets.

“Our Wallet is beyond a necessity for next-generation education – with a hyper-focus on crypto literacy as well as overall financial wellbeing of future leaders, it was an honor to educate the students in the program of the enablement possible through NFTs and the broad Web3 environment,” expressed Web3 platform Hyperspace Founding Member Bryan Jun. “I’m excited to see where these students take this knowledge and thrilled to see them build their own financial empires through the Our Wallet building blocks.”

Additionally, the children gained access to a “thoughtfully designed curriculum” led by experts that addressed a multitude of subjects such as cryptocurrency, business development, investments, the history of money, among others topics.

Another noteworthy incentive was participants of the program being given the opportunity to receive $1,000 to invest in cryptocurrency, based on their Instagram profile.

“Our Wallet puts the fundamentals of online financial freedom straight into the hands of students and teaches them how to leverage it for their own good and the good of their community. Endaoment was excited to bring lessons about philanthropy, tax mitigation, and financial empowerment into the classroom, and students were eager to learn and participate,” explained Endaoment President and CEO Robbie Heeger in a statement sent to AFROTECH.

Students are finding Our Wallet to be providing a transformative experience. According to data shared with AFROTECH, 81% of participants described their experience to be engaging and informative, while 72% felt more confident about their investment journey.

“NFT and Crypto are decentralized and can increase your wealth,” a New York student said of their experience in the 2022 summer program. In regards to its coming endeavors, Our Wallet plans to increase their efforts to reach more students in the near future. “With the feedback and the success of both pilots we are prepped and ready to deliver this information at scale,” a statement from the program reads.

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