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Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin Strategy Is Paying Off Again

According to a report from CoinDesk, the Bitcoin (BTC) holdings of MicroStrategy (MSTR) are once again profitable as the Bitcoin price broke upwards of $31,000 on Monday.

The company's Bitcoin holdings were in the red in late 2022 as Bitcoin fell nearly 80% from its November 2021 all-time high, but optimistic anticipation of a spot BTC ETF and the upcoming halving have supported the price rise and recovery, leading to a near-doubling in price this year.

Formerly the CEO of MicroStrategy and now its executive chairman, Saylor has become one of Bitcoin's most vocal supporters and remains a plentiful buyer. MicroStrategy has only sold once: A 708 Bitcoin sale in December 2022, worth $11 million at the time.

The company's most recent and publicly transparent purchases were weeks before September 24th of this year when it acquired 5,445 Bitcoin for roughly $150 million, or an average price of $27,053 per Bitcoin. That purchase pushed MicroStrategy's holdings to 158,245 Bitcoin acquired at a combined purchase price of roughly $4.68 billion, or an average price of $29,582 each.

At the time of CoinDesk’s report, the price of Bitcoin was at $30,650, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment was in the green by about $1,000 per coin, for a total gain of roughly $160 million. The BTC price has since climbed further reaching a high of $31,803 for the day.

The firm's holdings of 158,245 bitcoins are nearly 14 times that of the next nearest institutional holder, data from Bitcoin Treasuries show.

And MicroStrategy may be purchasing more. In August, the company stated that it may raise up to $750 million by selling more stock, with intentions to invest some of the proceeds to purchase Bitcoin.

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