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New York Don’t Want No Smoke, Literally (*UPDATED)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

As you have probably heard and seen somewhere or another, New York City is under a cloud being caused by wildfires in Canada. The wildfires have burned 10.8 million acres of land so far, as of this writing. Due to New York’s geographical position from Canada and the air current carrying the smoke, New York City has taken the physical appearance of Mars or some type of scene from a movie centered around an apocalypse.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated on Wednesday, June 8th, 2023 that the air quality was hazardous and urged residents with vulnerable health conditions to stay inside and also asked others to limit their time outdoors as well. New York even received “the worst air quality in the world” status during the dilemma.

To make things less pleasant, according to USAToday, a concert from Chris Stapleton was postponed and Broadway performances canceled. The Gov Ball Festival in Queens, NY is also being considered for cancellation, which means headliners Lizzo, Odesza, Kendrick Lamar and a list of many other great performers may be missed by fans anticipating a concert to be remembered. If so, the “Smoke Cloud of 2023” will likely not be forgotten.

*The Gov Ball actually took place after New York City lifted its air quality alert Friday afternoon June 9th, 2023. According to USAToday, at the close of her set, Lizzo voiced her thoughts on the recent happenings of natural disasters and environmental events with the words:“In light of all the environmental events and disasters, we need to listen to our First Nations, indigenous people of this country,” Lizzo said. “We need to listen to our water protectors because they’re trying to make sure we have land to live on ... Because (we) love clean air."

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