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No Limit to Romeo Miller As He Partners with $10 Billion Backed Tech Company

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Romeo Miller and former Tesla engineer Richard Patterson

If you are not already familiar with Romeo Miller, formerly known as Lil’ Romeo and his father, the legendary Master P, formally known as Percy Miller, then I will give you a quick glimpse of who we are talking about and why we are talking about them today. Romeo Miller started off as a young Hip-Hop talent at the age of 11 years old following in his father’s footsteps.

In 2001 Romeo would go from a hit single “My Baby” to a certified gold selling album self-titled Lil’ Romeo, which charted the US Billboard 200 at number six. While releasing more chart destined music, Romeo went on to begin his acting career synchronously. Once again, following in his father’s footsteps. His father Percy Miller, also affectionately known as Master P, helped pave the way for Romeo’s talent driven endeavors.

Romeo Miller with father, Master P

In the early to mid 90’s, “P” as he is also known, established the independent record label No Limit, which housed many Hip-Hop artists, later including Romeo, and a slew of critically acclaimed hits, as well as Billboard chart topping albums. By 1997 Percy Miller had created such a buzz around his No Limit Records and his hit song “Bout It, Bout It”, that he embarked on the film and movie world with “I’m Bout It”, a Louisiana street tale, considered a “hood classic” to this day.

Fast forward to the entrepreneurial food ventures, such as Rap Snacks and Uncle P’s food products, led by Percy Miller with his son Romeo Miller by his side and we see the path leading to Romeo’s most recent and potentially greatest business accomplishments.

As reported by Black Enterprise, Romeo Miller has partnered with former Tesla engineer Richard Patterson. Patterson is one of the engineers that helped to create the Tesla Model S sedan. The initiative where Patterson is now applying his talents and focus is on the “automotive and tech powerhouse that is committed to a green future”, Trion and Shango, as described by Afrotech. Trion and Shango is not solely focused on the car industry, but has bigger aspirations in regards to environmental sustainability and improvement through technology that will broaden to electric homes, making every aspect of life greener and simultaneously more efficient. Romeo will be partnering with Trion and Shango to offer his business prowess and resources.

In an Instagram post from Romeo, he shared his elation and praise of Patterson, the trailblazing tech engineer, stating that, “Richard Patterson is Black history.”

In the same post, he went on to say,

“I always envisioned a future with 100% green energy and Richard has the inventions and I have the connections to make that possible. Ten Billion in funding already to start this innovative process! We aren’t the only ones who believe.” — “Let’s get to work and glad to be a part of the TRION and SHANGO Tech team. It’s official! Yall gone have to call me Tech Bae now lol.”

According to Black Enterprise, Trion and Shango’s pursuit of a greener world and future has attracted investors. The company has secured $10 billion in funding for its research and operations. While Miller is a pioneering executive of the company, expanding from musician and entertainer to tech entrepreneur, Patterson is the first Black owner of an exotic car manufacturing company in the U.S.

In expression of their excitement and enthusiasm regarding their advantageous collaboration, Miller and Patterson had this to say, “Together, we will leverage our collective knowledge and resources to drive the advancement of sustainable technology,” shared Romeo. “Our aim is to create a world where cutting-edge innovations harmonize with environmental consciousness, making a positive impact on our planet for generations to come.”

Patterson also expounded upon the important role his new partner plays in the growth and success of Trion and Shango,

“The inclusion of Romeo Miller in this venture underscores our shared values and determination to effect real change in the tech and automotive landscape,” he said. “With our combined efforts, we are confident in our ability to push boundaries, shape the future, and lead the way toward a greener and more sustainable world.”

Through a multitude of sustainable initiatives, Trion and Shango is a Black-owned venture in the tech space that is dedicated to building an equitable, greener world.

Keep up the good work gentlemen. We see you!

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