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Rick Ross Makes It Rain For A For A Healthcare Clinic In Georgia

According to TMZ, rapper and entrepreneur Rick “Rozay” Ross came to the aid of a local Georgia clinic in danger of immediate closure. The Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic offers free healthcare to patients in need in Fayette County and depends on donations, grants and fundraising to keep its doors open. The clinic was struggling to raise capital before Ross’ donation. The clinic was able to raise $19,000, but they were still far from their $50,000 goal. When Rozay learned of the clinic’s dilemma, he moved into action as any superhero would and provided a needed $30,179 to halt the Fayette C.A.R.E.'s impending demise.

Ross stated that his motivation to help the clinic was of a personal nature. Ross had lost his father at a young age due to health issues that Ross believes could have been addressed if his father had access to the services that Fayette C.A.R.E. provides.

In a quote from Ross per WSB-TV, he stated “A clinic like this means a lot to me”, “I lost my father at an early age and I felt like one of the reasons I lost him so early is because of his lack of healthcare.”

The clinic’s executive director Geneva Weaver stated, “the patients that come to this clinic, all of them, their income level is 200% below the poverty level” and Rick Ross made the largest individual donation in its history.

We salute you for stepping up and helping out!

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