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Soulja Boy + Tax Lien + Bank Account Balance = Negative Net Worth, According To Judge

Soulja Boy of “Donk” and “Crank That” fame, is allegedly in a bit of a financial fallout.

According to a report from XXL, Soulja Boy’s net worth is believed to be negative. During the rapper’s ongoing court battle with his ex-girlfriend, a judge reportedly recommended that he cut his expenses to pay off $472,000 due to his current fiscal status.

As reported by XXL, in April of 2023 Soulja Boy was ordered to pay a $472,000 judgment to his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers in connection to a February 2019 assault and kidnapping case where the rapper was accused of hitting Myers with a gun.

"Someone as close to zero (financially) as defendant [Soulja Boy] claims to be, might want to scale down the living arrangements," the judge wrote. "$25,000 is a lot of monthly rent—even in Los Angeles. There is no reason of which the court is aware that he could not relocate to a more 'modest' $10,000/month home. Further, the court is aware of no debts that the defendant owes other than the tax debt and the judgment here."

The artist motioned to get the ruling thrown out, but the motion was denied.

Court documents also reveal that “Soulja Boy”, born DeAndre Cortez Way, has no money in his bank account and owes a $1 million tax lien. Due to the rapper failing to show his financial records to the court, the judge reckoned Way’s net worth negative. However, the court believes that Soulja can “generate income to deal with his debt” considering his expensive lifestyle.

“Defendant must be earning money from somewhere sufficient to pay for the rent and whatever other monthly expenses he has. In other words, the defendant is paying $300,000/year in rent alone,” the doc reads. “It stands to reason that he must have some other living expenses. And that money must come from somewhere. It is not coming from loans, for the defendant did not testify as to any other debts.“

"So, although the court does not know from whence the money is coming, it is coming from somewhere. It is not an impossible inference to conclude that his overall financial condition must be sufficient to allow him to live the lifestyle he does without going into debt," the judge concluded.

According to XXL, documents also reveal that Soulja Boy admitted to having limited assets. As of July 2023, Soulja Boy owns three vehicles (2 of them listed at $250K each and the other listed at $100K) totaling $600,000 in value, jewelry valued at about $18,000, and $50,000 worth of stocks.

Soulja Boy’s lawyer told the Santa Monica Superior Court that he couldn’t liquidate his investments because the cars and jewelry are essential to his image as a rapper and selling them would damage his image.

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